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The page set up for special pre-orders for my friends and family has expired.

BUT…pre-orders are still happening and you can get your copy of the Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl.  There are less than 25 available now, so don’t wait too long…


Over 20 years ago Collin Troy de Larrew began an incredible musical journey.  From humble beginnings, he rose to write and produce multiple albums and tour across 2 continents.  But by 2016 he found himself a threadbare soul languishing among the spectacular landscapes of the New Mexico high desert. His music career was disintegrating and his personal life was in disarray. What little he had to his name included a boatload of vinyl records and the ramshackle remains of a hodge podge home recording studio. Lost and uncertain, Collin’s life had been overturned in a matter of months. Although battered and frayed, his world was held together by two unbreakable strings: the music he had dedicated his life to create, and the two children he refused to fail. With the wisdom to see that in life’s darkest moments the lights that matter most shine brightest, Collin discovered a new dimension to his creative vision. The result, a transformative new music project, Fugitive Moods.

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